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A Guide for Guys about Women

Becoming an expert is a tough call
It’s a journey between not knowing and knowing
You will be tested many times along the way
The biggest test will be with yourself
You will want to give up many times
Because your inner voice commands it
It’s like going up a mountain
You can stop at anytime
And go back down again
But then you miss the view
Only seen from the top
And the view is what it’s all about
The world of women is full of mountains
Billy has climbed them all and seen the views
The best way to climb a mountain is with a guide

Let this book be your guide
For within its pages are the best views ever

From Billy
Master of Women


Billy's List

3 in a bed

Back to Zero

Battery Boy

Black Art of Shopping

Black Art of Colour

Brand New Boyfriend

Calling Mr Right


Clitoris Cometh

Cougars Cats & Claws

Covert Operations

Crap Dancer

Crap Kisser

Crap Lover

Cross Dressing Diva

Deliciously Drunk

Designer Slob

Diva Democracy

DIY Darling DIY Donkey

Dull Dull Dull

Eye  Eye

Fat  Fat Fat

Fire and Ice

Fun of Failure

Guilty Till Proven Guilty

Handbag Dog

High Heel Hottie 1

High Heel Hottie2

Instant Execution

It’s all in the Bum

It’s Her Way or No Way

Local Lesbians

Making an Impression

Man in a Box


Moving House

Natural Born Actress

Penis Power

Picking Her Up

Power of Hair

Scrap Yard Body

Tarty Trio

Testing  TestingTesting

Training the Dog


Watch my Lips

Wearing Toast

Wife Swapping

Wild Vagina

You are Fired


3 Sample Situations

3 – in – a – bed

Let me ask you a question: Did you really think 3 in a bed meant you were going to double up on your fun Amigo? 

And the answer is……..YIPPEEEE!

You thought she was going to bring a shapely, sexy, no holds barred, delicious exotic tartlet into the sac didn’t you? Good idea Amigo.

Having 2 females at the same time is not greedy. It’s just being friendly.
Here’s how:

The black art of shopping

Let me ask you a question: How many dresses does a girl really need? 

And the answer is…………….THE NEXT ONE! 

Beware her shopping trip for the next one. You’ve just been kidnapped Amigo! It’s slave time again!

Try hard not to be there. For you there is no escape.  She will voodoo up the black art of shopping and turn you into a shop soiled zombie:

Tutti fruitti cortex

Let me ask you a question: Can you name all the parts of her brain Amigo?

And the answer is….VODKA AND SPLIFF !

Inside her head and permanently on is a part of the brain that likes to party!

This part is also responsible for dating dodgy dudes, showing too much leg, boozing all night, bed hopping and going crazy!

This part is called the tutti frutti cortex!

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