Let me ask you a question: Did you really think   3 in a bed meant you were going to double up on your fun Amigo?

And the answer is……..YIPPEEEE!

You thought she was going to bring a shapely, sexy, no holds barred, delicious exotic tartlet into the sac didn’t you? Good idea Amigo.

Having 2 females at the same time is not greedy. It’s just being friendly. Here’s how:

Mother & Daughter

Wife and Mistress

Wife and Sister

Twin and Twin

Friend and Friend

Ballerina and Weightlifter

Pixie and Fairy

TOP TIP:  Take a torch to bed Amigo and check it out. If it’s Bill and Ben under the duvet not Amanda and Mary-Lou get your money back!

3 in  a  bed  was  not  some   dodgy  group  sex  practice  invented  by  coke  snorting,  binge  drinking,  bored  people   living  in  the  suburbs  like  you  Amigo.

It  was  used  as  a  way  of  rebuilding  the  tribe  after  men  had  fallen  in  battle.

When tribes  were  smaller  a  war  could  wipe  out  half  the  male  population.  There were too many women about without men.  They  would  gather  in  gangs, booze  all  night  and  take  their  pants  off.

This  soon  attracted  the  wrong  kind  of  tourist  and  gave  the  place  a  bad  name. Something had to be done.  The  king  ordered  every  surviving  warrior  had  to  share  the  burden  and  adopt a  spare  woman. Sex  was  compulsory  and  everyone  lived  happy  ever  after!

Down  the  ages  3 in  a  bed  has  become  part  of  our  DNA. We like doing it. There  may  not  be  a  war  on  but  it’s  good  to  practice  and  be  prepared  for the  next one.