Frequently Asked Question’s

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No, Billy has to remain anonymous. Once his cover is blown women will not be open and natural to him. His identity is top secret. He may be in your bed right now. Go Billy Go!

Yes, age is not the problem. Not understanding is the problem. Get a copy for him and you.

Yes. Billy found women are women wherever they come from on the planet. They all share common female behavior. It’s all about survival of the human race. It’s a female job, males can’t be trusted with it. (There are exceptions but not many).

Absolutely! It’s the perfect present. Everybody needs to know more about women. Buy it for birthdays, anniversaries, grooms to be, Valentine’s day, Christmas presents, honeymooners. Women buy it for their partners, sons, husbands, friends’ partners. Everybody should have one.

You are not really spying but watching. She watches you all the time. It’s part of her survival instinct. She is so good at it you don’t know it’s going on. WATCH THE WATCHER AMIGO. IT’S OK.

Have fun with it. Women want you to be serious but in a fun sort of way. They like to laugh.

This has to be your decision Amigo. Don’t gossip about her, it’s a bit down market. However, you can talk to your friends without mentioning names. Every situation is different, be sensitive and considerate. Or, if she is in on it as well skip along a joint adventure of discovery together.

It is written for guys but women can benefit enormously from it as well. Women can find out more about women and guys and how they work and why. Also, you can find out what guys really think of you. That’s worth a laugh. A bit more female power perhaps? Yay!

No. It’s a proper book you get to know, feel and connect with. You write in it using your unique personal hand-writing style. No keyboard junkies here!

These are not just any old pictures. They are special pictures. They are the work of RHINO THE ARTIST. Billy says words without pictures can turn your mind into a WORD RUT. Rhino’s pictures stop this by switching your mind from words to images and back again and so on. Based on caveman art they are mysterious and amusing. Just like you should appear to women Amigo.

Billy says your male brain is not wired up to remember enough about her. Her brain is wired up to remember all about you. Writing down creates notes to refresh your memory. Billy explains all about writing down in the Guide. Don’t write notes and she will out-brain you every time. Bummer.

From a truly remarkable guy called Billy. It was an experience with Mandy and Amanda that started it all back in the 70’s. He was young. They were young. They screwed with his brain in bed. He was determined to find out how they did it. Took him 40 years. He found out how all women work. It’s all there in the Guide. He’s passing on his discoveries to you Amigo.

It should work for everybody. Guys usually fail with women because they don’t know enough about them. Your “GAP OF IGNORANCE” is too wide. DP will narrow your gap provided you put some effort into your own cause. It won’t be easy but it’s a hell of a trip.

DP is a guide written for guys to take them on their own personal journey of discovery about women.