Tutti Fruitti Cortex

Let me ask you a question: Can you name all the parts of her brain Amigo?

And the answer is….VODKA AND SPLIFF !

Inside her head and permanently on is a part of the brain that likes to party!

This part is also responsible for dating dodgy dudes, showing too much leg, boozing all night, bed hopping and going crazy!

This part is called the tutti frutti cortex!

Specialists reckon it’s big, bold and bad. It is known  to occupy  50% – 90% of the brain. Blondes can enjoy a natural advantage in that their percentage can be as high as 100%! However research shows the other hair types are rapidly catching up!

Tutti Frutti kicks in over the weekend and you had better be ready . She wants fun and she wants action. If you can’t deliver you’re dead meat.  Chucked in the bin with last week’s dinner. Better fire up the tutti Amigo! Better get frutti Amigo!  

TOP TIP:  Plenty of time for rest, peace and quiet when you are old, dead and knackered Amigo.

Around 8 million years ago drumming was invented. It was simple enough. They used to stretch animal skins over wooden frames to use as clothes. As these dried in the Sun they got tighter.

Along came a twat with a stick and in an act of random vandalism started whacking the skins. That noise was drumming. Drumming went viral and soon everyone was doing it. It had a great effect on women. They stopped knitting and sewing and other boring stuff and started swaying and dancing. Asses became toned, supple and much better shaped than those scary giant ones that existed before.

Guys loved those bums and started drumming faster. Girls loved the beat and started moving faster. Girls knew the best bum got the best guy. So their brain grew a party-on tutti frutti linked directly to their ass. Her cutey tutti and your frisky frutti are the greatest hook up in history. Oh yeah!